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Welcome to the home of Team Starfire World Boinc!

Introducing Team Starfire World Boinc!

Who are we? We are a newly formed international team of some really long standing distributed computing participants and those new to DC as well.

We have quite a few people that overclock and are very knowledgable on computers and processors, and all types of hardware and operating systems. We have very open forums moderated by people who want everyone to feel comfortable. You'll find us to be a very friendly lot.

We have an growing IRC server at irc.teamstarfire.net dedicated to BOINC. See the right side of the page for info on how to join the channel.

We have or will have teams for most BOINC projects and communicating about all BOINC related things is a part of our forums.

Our Boinc Projects
Seti@Home Stats Join
Einstein@Home Stats Join
LHC@Home Stats Join
Rosetta@Home Stats Join
WCG Stats Join
QMC Stats Join
SIMAP Stats Join
CPDN Stats Join
HashClash Stats Join
MalariaControl Stats Join
Predictor@home Stats Join
uFluids Stats Join
Tanpaku Stats Join
RCN Stats Join
Riesel Sieve Stats Join
Spinhenge Stats Join
Leiden Stats Join


Our Other Projects
Folding@Home Stats Use Team #51127
TSC Stats Join
Stardust@Home See Homepage for details


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Thanks everyone...Now only 4.6 million to go for that re-stomping of Kinguni...<img alt="&q ...

10K to 1 Million! by Sparky Jim - 3 Replies
Latest Reply at 3/28/2011 2:41:33 AM UDT by Kinguni
And I'm not running anything modern either. One of these days I guess. <img alt="" src= ...

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Latest Reply at 3/21/2011 4:11:13 PM UDT by nutcase
DO NOT INSTALL THE OPTIMIZED APP! ( the seperate package)<br /> <br /> just use the do ...

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Fish unbanned you<br /> ...

DnetC and AndrOINC shutting down on 31 Jan 2011! by nutcase - 1 Replies
Latest Reply at 1/27/2011 8:53:49 PM UDT by azor
BOO........BOOOOOOO!!!!!! ...

Invitation for the annual Christmas Race by Kinguni - 28 Replies
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Finished in 4th, though really should have been 2nd... ...

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Latest Reply at 12/19/2010 6:43:23 PM UDT by nutcase
5 of us on the PG challenge...<br /> <br /> and a certain unnamed person who screwed u ...

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